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Charge your batteries from AC/mains power with our 240V Battery Chargers. Equipped with an automatic 9-stage charging system, our chargers are designed to quickly get your batteries up to health. The charger can be used with 12V SLA, AGM, calcium, and LiFePO4 batteries.


Perfect for charging your batteries before or after your trips from home, or from a powered site at a caravan park, our AC Chargers are one of the easiest ways to top up your batteries.

Feeding power into your batteries at up to 15A per hour, the chargers will quickly get your batteries back to health using our battery-specific 9-stage charging algorithm.

The charger is compatible with a range of battery chemistries including LiFePO4. Allowing you to quickly wake up a lithium battery that has been over-discharged and put into protection mode, the chargers have an automatic BMS wake-up function to help get your batteries back in action.

The charger has cables coming from the base of the unit and comes with four pre-drilled mounting holes at each corner, allowing the unit to very easily be mounted on the wall of your garage or workshop. It also comes with a ring terminal adaptor and an alligator clip attachment making it easy to use – just set the battery type and connect it to your battery.