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Bring the convenience of your favourite appliances from home with you whether you’re touring the country, on a weekend away, or on the job site. Capable of charging or running multiple appliances at once or powering larger appliances like air conditioners, our 3000W inverter is perfect for those wanting to work or live out of their 4×4, caravan, or camper trailer. Equipped with an AC transfer switch, the inverter can be used with 12V power when you’ve decided to set up off the grid but can also be plugged into AC/mains power to seamlessly run all your appliances in an instant from AC power, helping to preserve your batteries.


Run your favourite appliances you’d usually use at home from your 12V system with our 3000W inverter. Allowing you to power multiple appliances up to 3000W, including chargers, coffee machines, induction cooktop, and even your air conditioner unit, our inverters will change the way you go off-grid.

The unit has an inbuilt AC Transfer switch function that seamlessly transitions your inverter from running off your 12V battery supply to mains power. Useful for those travelling in caravans, camper trailers, touring setups, or boats, it’s ideal when you’ve decided to set up somewhere where you’ve got access to mains/AC power, like at a powered site at a caravan park. The feature will cut the inverter’s 12V supply when it detects AC power, saving your batteries from discharging and allowing for a more efficient power transfer. The AC switching feature is easy to use too – plug the included IEC lead into the inverter, then hook the other end to a mains power point and turn the power on. When connected to mains power, the inverter can produce up to 3600W, making it perfect for running even larger appliances.

Producing a pure sine wave output, the inverters will generate consistent, smooth, and clean power, just like you’d get from a mains connection. This means that the inverter will comfortably power sensitive appliances without the risk of damaging them. Appliances that require a higher wattage to start up can also be run – the 3000W inverter will produce up to 6000W for 2 seconds. Engineered with a larger heat sink and advanced internal circuitry, the inverter runs noticeably quieter than other inverters, even when running larger loads.

The inbuilt Residual Current Device (RCD) switch is arguably the inverter’s most important safety feature. Operating very similarly to your house system, the RCD Switch is made to detect anomalies running through your inverter and then immediately shut off the supply to reduce the risk of injury, damage, and electrocution. Additionally, the inverter has inbuilt over/under-voltage, short-circuit/overload, and over-temperature protections.

Giving the inverter the ability to run more conservatively, our 3000W model has an eco-mode function. When turned on, this function will drop the inverter’s output so that when there is no detected output, the unit will run with a draw of less than 0.2A rather than 1.6A.

The inverter has a 15A AC port and a dedicated hard wire terminal block. Ideal for hardwiring power points in caravans, this allows for easy AC power distribution throughout the setup.

On top of the inverter, the screen displays useful information about the inverter’s draw and condition. In real-time, it will show the input voltage, output voltage, outgoing current, and the inverter load capacity.

The inverter comes complete with a heavy-duty mounting flange to secure the unit, an IEC-C19 lead for the AC input, and a remote control with 5m lead.