Turbopan Complete Kit





Have fun finding fine gold with the Turbopan gold panning kit.

Suitable for the family, nomad or fine gold prospector, the kit has a small Turbopan gold pan for the kids, the backpack or black sands clean-up, a large pan for panning heaps of dirt in a pay run, a snuffer bottle to recover gold from the pan and a glass vial to store your hard earnt cache of heavy yellow metal.

The Turbopan gold pan is designed to have every thing you need to scrub and classify your dirt, then easily and quickly dispose of the gold-free-waste while concentrating the gold in one pocket at the deepest point in the pan.

Turbopan is just like a sluice – in a pan. The sluice riffles don’t just trap the gold in protected zones, they funnel the gold into the central deep pocket. With the riffled bottom, it’s good bye to compaction plus because Turbopan is wide and shallow, the very heavy gold sinks quickly to the bottom to be trapped.

Just use Turbopan like you would normally pan and discover how much more gold you keep. Check the fines with a 10x hand lens to see the 10 micron gold Turbopan catches. With Turbopan more gold is your reward.

Hang a small Turbopan off your belt if you’re out detecting for reef gold, Turbopan is the ideal pan for minimal-water panning out of your water bottle.

Where there’s sharp reef gold nuggets and specimens, odds are best for finding rich runs of fine gold.

Turbopan is one pan to scrub, classify and expel waste, then clean up to just clean gold, quickly, easily and with not much water.