LSP 84Ah Lithium Portable Power Pack Battery System


If you’re looking for an easy, portable powerful solution for your lithium battery application the LSP Power Pack is the answer, save countless hours and dollars with this unit over a conventional dual battery system install.


The LSP Power Pack is a powerful, portable battery system, it features an 84Ah lithium battery with prismatic cells, along with a 1200 watt (2000 watt Peak) pure sine wave inverter, it has a built in MPPT solar charger and DCDC charger to ensure the battery can be charged in any situation.


 Constructed out of Aircraft grade Aluminium and ABS Plastic paired with the lithium battery, the Power Pack comes in at a light 14Kg.

 Output Ports.

USB Port x 2                                5V (12W)

DC outlet x 2                              12V (120W) (isolates while charging)

Cigarette socket x 1                   12V (120W) (isolates while charging)

Fast Charge USB x 1                   12V (18W)

Fast Charge USB-C x 1               20V (45W)

AC Outlet x 2                              240V 50Hz pure sine wave (1200W Cont. 2400w Peak)

The LSP Power Pack comes with 12v cigarette socket charger, 240v wall socket charger and mini Anderson to Anderson adaptor for solar input.