Smarttek Black With 4.3LPM Pump





When exploring the Australian Outback, how epic would it be to take a little luxury of home with you? There is nothing better that a Hot Shower after a day exploring the Australian Landscapes, or having some fun in the Sun, Surf & Sand.

A Hot Shower isn’t always accessible on adventures, so why not make sure you have one with you for your next trip!
With the Smarttek Black Hot Water Shower System, you can worry no more.

As a class leading Portable Hot Water system we know this will be the obvious choice for perfect hot showers while camping, touring or travelling. You can even use it to wash your pets!

The Smarttek Black 4.3Lpm Pump is designed to get you up and running every use, with instant hot water on Minimum Water Flow settings. A great base kit to start, To ensure you are maximising the length of your shower with minimum water use.
If you want to maximise your pressure, we recommend the 6Lpm Upgrade This will allow you to use your Smarttek Black at its full Water Setting functionality.