• Over 2 years of development and testing
  • Wind rated to 25-30 km/hr in freestanding mode
  • 5m² of cover and the most useable shape on the market
  • Fully-enclosed transit cover and two-piece backing plate design maximises weather resistance while still retaining the ability to easily move the awning from one vehicle to another
  • Height-adjustable brackets suits a wide range of setup types
  • X-tube aluminium alloy rafter arms, backing plate & hinges designed using state-of-the-art techniques & simulation for incredible strength & durability
  • Integrated dual-colour (white and amber) dimmable LED lights on four rafter arms. (power bank not incl.)
  • Additional height for headroom and water run off
  • Heavy-duty 320gsm ripstop polycotton canvas with 3000mm waterhead rating
  • All parts are designed to be replaceable for easy and low cost repair
  • Compatible withrooftop tent awning bracket kits (T050801945 and T050801946, sold separately)

Wall kits available (sold separately)



Over the course of the past two years, here at DARCHE we’ve delved deep into the world of design engineering, meticulously crafting and refining our latest innovation – the ground-breaking Eclipse 270 Freestanding LED Awning. We have rigorously tested and fine-tuned various design iterations and the driving force behind these extensive trials was simple – to ensure that when you step under our 270 freestanding awning, it’s a product that’s been put through its paces and proven to excel even before it hits the market.

DARCHE stands apart in our commitment to making awnings that have truly been put to the test, and we are the first in Australia to extensively wind-test a freestanding awning. This commitment led us to a comprehensive 30-day wind testing period, exposing our awning to a spectrum of winds ranging from gentle breezes to severe gales according to the Beaufort scale.

In our rigorous testing, the Eclipse 270 Freestanding LED Awning showcased its strength by holding up until 50km/hr on its initial trial, and it withstood 55km/hr winds in the next round of testing after being repaired. The wind meter we employed for our testing was the Omega OM-CP-WIND101A wind speed data logger system, calibrated using data from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and capable of recording wind speeds every second.

The Eclipse 270 Freestanding LED Awning further demonstrated its robustness by holding strong up to wind speeds of 90km/hr with the poles down and securely pegged. The remarkable part is that we were able to restore it to its full functionality post-testing. Backing up this robustness are specifically-engineered break points within the awning so in the case of failure, the awning will do so in a manner that avoids damage to your vehicle and facilitates simple repairs.

Based on results and observations gained over the wind testing period, the Eclipse 270 Freestanding LED Awning is rated to 25-30km/hr winds in freestanding mode. However, our recommendation is that it you always deploy the included poles and tie down your awning properly using pegs and guy ropes as Mother Nature is unpredictable and we want to protect your investment.

Besides its durability, the Eclipse 270 Freestanding LED Awning is also chock-full of features for your comfort and convenience, including dual-colour dimmable LED strips fully-integrated in the rafter arms and a two-piece backing plate design with a fully-enclosed transit cover, which maximises weather resistance while still retaining the ability to easily move the awning from one vehicle to another.

At DARCHE, our dedication to crafting outdoor solutions that exceed expectations is unwavering. The culmination of two years of design engineering stands before you – a testament to our commitment to innovation, excellence, and, above all, your satisfaction. We’re confident this is the best freestanding 270 awning on the market.

Gen 2 Awning walls perfectly complement this awning, enhancing its functionality and increases the overall coverage to 20.5m². They are available for purchase separately.

* Please note that if this awning is mounted to a roof top tent, the poles must be used at all times to avoid damaging your roof top tent. Ensure that your roof mounting system is fit for purpose. For specific installation recommendations visit your local roof rack specialist.