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Running your 240V appliances while on the road has never been easier. Built to power appliances like your LED TVs, laptop chargers, and pedestal fans, our 300W inverter is the perfect solution for those still wanting to enjoy a few luxuries while travelling in their caravan, camper, or 4×4 setup.


For those looking to enjoy a few creatures comforts of home, our 300W inverter allows you to power a few of your favourite 240V appliances off your standard 12V camper, 4×4, or caravan setup. Built as a convenient, easy to mount 240V power station, it comes with a standard Australian (IEC Type I) 240V socket, making it easy to plug and play those smaller devices.

Hardkorr inverters produce consistent, smooth and clean power just like you’d get from a mains connection. The pure sine waveform has very low harmonic distortion, resulting in a high power factor. This means much lower radio interference, reduced audible and electrical noise, and more efficient operation for inductive loads. It also allows a wider range of devices to be powered from the inverter, some of which may be susceptible to damage if using a modified sine wave inverter. Our inverters are also built to surge up to 600W which makes it ideal for any appliance that requires a higher start up wattage.

Power is one of the most valuable commodities while on the road, which is why we’ve spent more than 18 months in research & development to create the perfect electrical makeup for power conservation. Engineered with advanced internal circuitry and componentry, our inverters are designed to have an ultra-high conversion efficiency rate of up to 89%, meaning you won’t be wasting a heap of power in the 12-240V power transfer. Increasing the overall efficiency of the unit is our advanced thermoregulation system, which, paired with the oversized heatsink, is designed to keep the inverter quiet, and prevent it from overheating.

Our inverters incorporate advanced protection circuits to guard against short circuit, overload, over-temperature and battery DC over-voltage and low-voltage, ensuring these units are reliable and perfectly safe to use on your adventures.